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Reopening of Bismillah Cultural Centre

  • 🔊 As you are aware, as of 15 June 2020, the government has relaxed the rules to allow places of faith to reopen for individual worship therefore unfortunately, we will not be reopening on this date.
  • 🕌 We are preparing to reopen for congregational prayers from 4 July, subject to further confirmation. We are currently expecting the Government and Public Health Authority to provide further guidance on the maximum numbers of people allowed in our Mosques and how we can open with minimum risk to our congregation and to the wider community
  • 🏥 We are implementing new controls, processes and procedures to ensure we minimise the risk of cross contamination amongst the congregation
  • ⛔ This means there will be numerous changes to the way our congregation will enter and exit the buildings, as well as additional safety procedures.  
  • 👥 Until we hear more from the authorities, there will be no Jumma Salaah but we are taking this very seriously and will ensure that we recommence Jumma at the earliest opportunity and will advise on the revised timings and procedures, which may include a limit to the number of people allowed in the Mosque at any one time
  • ⏱️ The Mosque will be open 15 minutes before and will be locked 15 minutes after the Fardh prayer this will be a strict process
  • 😷 Anyone attending the Mosque for prayers will need to wear a mask and you will need to bring your own prayer mat
  • 🧴Upon arrival and at exit, attendees will be asked to apply hand sanitiser which must be used
  • 👟 Please bring a bag in which to place your shoes. You need ensure this bag is in your possession at all times the shoe racks are not to be used at any time
  • 💧Wudhu areas and toilet facilities will remain closed, so attendees will need to come prepared from home
  • 🛑 Upon entering the Mosque, you will need to look for signs that will guide you through to the main prayer areas and after prayer, you will again look for signs that show you how to safely exit the Mosque.
  • 🗄️ Please ensure that you dispose of your shoe bag responsibly once you have left the building
  • 🌞 The air conditioning, fans and heating systems will not be in operation to ensure that there is no additional risk of cross contamination through air-bourne infections
  • 🧕We will not be able to accommodate sisters until further notice
  • 🚸 Children under the age of 12 will not currently be allowed into the Mosque due to the potential risk of being asymptomatic carriers of Covid  
  • 🤧 Anyone who has signs of flu, a cold, or any other medical condition please do not enter the Mosque because you could infect other people
  • ✈️ If you have recently returned from overseas, please do not attempt to enter the Mosque because you could place others at significant risk  
  • 👴 Based on government advice, any members of the community over the age of 65 should not come for congregational prayer, in order to protect yourself and others in the congregation  
  • ⏳ Congregational prayers will be limited to Fardh prayer only
  • 2⃣ Everyone will need to do pray whilst social distancing based on the government recommendation of 2m apart signage will be provided to help
  • 📚 There will be no events, classes, lectures or Taleem until further notice. However our Imams continue to post online lectures on our YouTube channel & social media
  • 🎓 Madressa will be closed until further notice but there are numerous classes continuing online
  • 🤲 This is a very challenging time for all of us. We pray Allah SWT opens for us the doors of His Mercy and allow us to congregate in the Houses of Allah with good health, peace and aafiyah. Aameen
  • 🦺In meantime, we ask that all the processes and controls in this message are followed to ensure your own safety and the safety of others as well Inshallah.