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SMS Jamaat Time Reminders - FAQ

When will I get an SMS?

An SMS will be sent the night before there is a prayer time change.

Will I get an SMS when the Maghrib time change?

No, The SMS will only be sent when there are time change for Fajr, Zohr, Asr, Isha and Jumah. Maghrib time changes nearly everyday.

For the time change, is it beginning prayers time change or Jamaat time change?

The time change is for Jamaat time.

Will I get an SMS everyweek?

No, you will only get an SMS when the prayer time change (excluding Maghrib time).

How do I change or unsubscribe from alerts?

You need to login (click here to login) and then tick the appropriate alerts box to subscribe and untick to unsubscribe

Who to contact for more information about sponsor or any problem related to the website or the alerts?

You can contact techtronix by email and we will try our best to assist you as soon as possible.